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Since 1986, the members of Aqua Comfort Technologies’ sales, marketing and design team have pioneered the sales and development of heat pump pool heaters outside of the Florida market. Designed to efficiently heat pool water, even at air temperatures as low as 40 degrees, our design team introduced the first programmed micro-computer control for heat pump pool heaters in 1989. Since then, our micro computer controls have performed effectively and efficiently to allow our heat pumps to operate when the competition can’t. Our Turboguard titanium heat exchangers, redesigned in 2012, for even better performance, insure superior performance and protection against poorly maintained pool water, for long life. In addition to superior performance and long life, our components are expertly matched to insure whisper quiet operation.

Aqua Comfort’s unique design philosophy insures that our dealer network is providing their customers with a pool heating option that they can’t find anywhere else. We do not sell our products through distribution or through internet sellers. The dealers who sell our product have done the pool heating homework for you.

Consider the benefits and advantages of owning an Aqua Comfort heat pump:

• Every unit comes backed by over 30 years of heat pump design and sales experience

• Every Aqua Comfort unit is designed to operate effectively and efficiently down to 40 degree air temperature (all other heat pumps turn off between 50-58 degrees). Our low temperature design insures that our customers get up to 40% more heat than major competitors in the critical first and last months of the swimming season

• Our programmed micro-computer (not just an LED display) means optimum performance in all conditions

• At one fourth the operating cost of natural gas and one fifth the operating cost of propane, your Aqua Comfort heat pump will save you thousands of dollars in operating costs versus fossil fuel heaters. Our cost calculator will show you how much you can save.

• An environmentally friendly Aqua Comfort heat pump reduces CO2 emissions by 80-90% versus fossil fuel heaters. Our cost calculator will show you your CO2 reduction versus fossil fuels.

• Our Turboguard titanium heat exchanger provides excellent performance even at low temperature, low flow rates or high pressure operation.

In every year of the past 10 years plus, Aqua Comfort has been the leading seller of heat pump pool heaters, outside the Florida market.