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Design experience.
Continuous improvement through engineering and R&D.
Good old-fashioned pride in our products.

Every AquaComfort heat pump pool heater incorporates engineering advancements cultivated over 25 years together with our desire to build a technologically advanced, reliable product that delivers on its promises of value, low operating costs, and superior performance.

Over 100,000 of AquaComfort owners agree that a heated pool is a better pool – and that an AquaComfort heat pump is a better pool heater. So do many of the finest pool dealers in America.

Engineered and built in the USA

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The AquaComfort dealer network – an important point “about us.”

You can only purchase an AquaComfort heat pump from an authorized dealer. You won’t find AquaComfort heaters for sale on the internet. That’s because leading pool professionals know which products will work best for their customers – it’s a real specialty. They’ve done all the difficult homework for you and know that you’ll be happy with how our heaters operate.

Learn about AquaComfort's value, technology and more directly from our owners.

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