How a pool can increase the value of your home

Are you considering getting a pool? Toying with the idea of having yours removed, but can’t decide if it’s the right choice? Well, if you're weighing the pros and cons of having a pool, this article discusses a major pro – increase in home value.
prepare your pool for fall

How to Prepare Your Pool for Fall

If you live up north, preparing your pool for winter might mean covering it up completely until next spring or a slow process as summer fades. We take you through the best ways to avoid damage to your pool during winter and ensure that your pool is fully prepared for fall weather.
aquacomfort heat pump pool heater

Pool Heating Options and Proper Installation

When considering choosing a spa and pool heater, our customers have multiple options to choose from. See why the AquaComfort heat pump is a great investment that provides a multitude of benefits and check out installation guidelines here.